Do you own a property or multiple properties that you are managing poorly? Have you heard all the horror stories from other property owners that have tenants?

Learn the secrets to successfully making money renting your home to tenants. Managing property is by far the hardest part of owning real estate but using this ebook will solve most of your management problems.

I owned and managed investment property full-time for seven years in not so great areas. I know many tips which get results that I created to get me out of my own management problems.

There are many tips that separate the successful landlord from the bankrupt and stressed out landlord. This is a stressful business so you need all the ammunition you can get.

In this book you will learn the following little known rental property management secrets:

– How to find a large pool of tenants
– How to select the perfect tenant and what signs to look for
– What to include in your leases to protect yourself
– How much money to get up front before the tenant moves in
– What to expect from your tenants and what are common problems
– How to legally avoid paying for common home repairs
– The entire eviction process and what you need to bring to the eviction hearings
– How to clean out your apartments fast, cheap, and get them rented out the next day

You will learn all this and much more. Anyone of these tips can save and make you a lot of money while saving you countless headaches.

Listen to what other customers have said about this ebook:

I recently purchased a few rental properties and was having troubles with the whole rental process because this was my first experience of buying rental properties. I then bought this ebook and this was just fantastic. I now know how to advertise and what to look for when a tenant applies. Thanks a lot!
Donald Tucker

Hi Douglas
After purchasing several rental properties and having problems with the whole process, I finally bought your ebook. I was amazed how simply you’ve summed up the whole thing in a single ebook. Your ebook guided me through the whole process and then taught me how to look for potential tenants. Finally, when a tenant leaves then how I have to repair the property and make it ready for the next tenant. Thank you very much for this great ebook.
Sarah Hunnington
Fargo, North Dakota

This ebook is the best piece of advice I’ve ever had in my whole business life. I purchased some rental properties and was having troubles with the process of renting. It was a problem to maintain the properties sticking with my budget but your ebook made it just simple and guided me from ground to up! I recommend this ebook to all people out there!
Carlos Mecos
New Mexico

Hi all
After failing in finding potential tenants for my rental properties, I was looking for some advice. And your ebook did it very well. I now know how to advertise, screen and what to look for when a potential tenant applies. I wasted a lot of money on maintenance and repair issues but your ebook also taught me how to reduce my expenditures for maximum profit. Thanks!
Thadius Lee

Your ebook has finally d
one it for me. I always failed to profit from rental properties but now I’m quite successful just because of your ebook. Now I know how to reduce maintenance costs and profit from rental properties which I bought recently. Besides, this ebook also taught me how to cleanup the apartment fast and cheap when a tenant leaves. Thanks a lot!
Jennifer Stuart

As you can see there are many happy customers that have profited from this ebook.

This E-book costs only $20 and it will be the best $20 you ever spend on a property management book.

Take action today and start improving your bottom line right away!

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